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I love Texas hold em, 1st-9yrs child, I luv London, that's the way love goes.......
I like Spanish, Florida, Georgia, french (little bit), Jamaica (12 times) etc........

I love primary, Second school, college (4yrs), foundation, jobs (I like it).......

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Walking 1hr, Exercise, veg's, fruits, etc......
no smoking, no alcohol is an addictive drug, no Cholesterol.

I am mix race, my skin is kinda tan.......

Wat a gwaan?
  • Listening to: Heavy Rock, Metal, Grunge, Blue, County
  • Reading: Stephen King, The Shining, Carrie, M
  • Watching: 24, TNA (Wrestling), Judge Judy, Law & Order:
  • Eating: Jerk Chicken, Jerk Fish, Popchow,
  • Drinking: Tea, no sugar, skimmed, juice (no sugar), water...


g rose
United Kingdom
* Current Residence: London (UK),
* Interests: Crimes, comics, Animals,
* Favourite genre of music: Rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Blue, Country......
* Favourite Groups and Sings: Metallica, Pantera, Down, Alter Bridge, Guns N' Roses, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, etc......
* Favourite: poem's, Reading, Walking, Cinema, Photographic, Art, Computer, etc.....
* Favourite character: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Hugh Jackman (Sexy).... Samuel L. Jackson (Bad Ass), Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Ben Stiller etc...........
* Favorite TV/Movies: 24, The Lost Boys, The Outsiders,

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